Thursday, 4 February 2016

5 things to do in Dubai

Dubai is not only the office or business city but it is becoming one of the most entertaining city in the world. People come there from all over the world who has different demographic characteristics. The daily routine of Dubai is so hectic that's why the weekends and every holiday is a gift for Dubai people due to hard and hot weather people usually not go for outing in ordinary days. The fuel/gas is cheaper in Dubai so there is not a big deal to have 1600 CC plus car for moving around also the roads are well managed and best for driving.
Now due to busy schedule and hot weather we are suggesting 5 things to do in Dubai during spare time/days.

5- Dubai Hot Air Balloon Flight:
Glide up, up and away in a hot air balloon over Dubai Desert Conservation Reservation After traveling from your central Dubai hotel to Margham by minibus, take to the morning skies and glide over the tranquil desert as the sun starts to rise. Gaze in awe at some spectacular desert vistas while enjoying an hour in the air, and then return to ground to celebrate the flight with a refreshing drink before returning to Dubai.

4- Dubai Mall:
With around 1200 stores, this isn't merely the world's largest shopping mall, it’s a small city, with a giant ice rink and aquarium, a dinosaur skeleton, indoor theme parks and 150 food outlets. There’s a strong European-label presence, along with branches of the French Galleries Lafayette department store, the British Hamley’s toy store and the first Bloomingdale’s outside the US.

3- Dubai Desert Safari
Travel by 4x4 across the deserts of Dubai on this exhilarating 5-hour excursion! Enjoy an adrenaline rush sandboarding down Dubai’s desert dunes, take a camel ride and get a henna tattoo! Complete your experience with a delicious barbecue dinner under the twinkling Arabian stars while watching a traditional tanoura dance performance. It's a must-do experience when visiting Dubai.

2- Burj Khalifa
The Burj Khalifa is a stunning feat of architecture and engineering, with two observation decks on the 124th and 148th floors and a restaurant-bar on the 122nd. The world’s tallest building pierces the sky at 828m and opened in January 2010, six years after excavations began. To avoid wait times or expensive fast-track admission, book tickets online as far as 30 days in advance. Note that high humidity often cloaks Dubai in a dense haze, making views less than breathtaking.

1- Fishing and Yachting:
Crystal clear water cool breezing touching your skin softly and the sliding Cruise over the waves what wonderful idea to have time far from the busy machinery life. Private sun bathing and live barbecue party is also good idea during Dubai Boat Cruise fishing and yachting. Cooking own hunted fish in luxury kitchen is also a good idea. The access to this type of event is very easy just to to any Dubai Boat Cruise office and book Private Yacht the sea side is close to main city where huge parking is also available for park you car safely. 

Monday, 1 February 2016

Super Luxury Yachts


Whether you are a beginner or a professional angler, a fishing trip could leave you with a good number of fish including cobia, travallies, groupers (hammour), snappers, barracudas and, on a lucky day, a giant kingfish.
The types of fishing that are popular in Dubai are trolling and bottom fishing Bottom fishing is when the boat stops in the middle of the sea and we use bait like squids to attract a variety of fish. Trolling is done when you want to catch big fish. The boat keeps moving and we use trolling lures or rapalas (plastic fish) as bait. Whether it’s a short corner or a long rigger we have the lure to match your prey and desired trolling speed.
Our USA made pursuit 2870 powered by 600 hp and properly equipped will comfortably take you to the best fishing grounds in no time.
Our seasoned captain and crew, will ensure that you have an enjoyable fishing experience


42 foot motor boat with a capacity to accommodate 8 guests and 2 crew members.
Experience thrill and adventure aboard our super fast and eye-catching Baja 42, allowing you to cruise and party in style. It’s Triple 7.4L Mercruiser engines producing 500 horsepower each assure you to reach your desired waypoint or fishing site in no time. Be prepared to be on one of the hottest boats on the water.


Friday, 29 January 2016

FIRST 45 and AS 70 Boat Cruise


If you are looking for more comfortable ride the FIRST 45 Cruise will be your best choice it is more reliable and comfortable for both crew and passengers. All boat is prepared in business class, from its foldaway anchor roller it its open transom.
There are twin wheels which can be cockpit through spans by the traveler, the sail is fully controlled with the hatches mount flush when trucked out of sight. The people who just had ride it, called it Home due to it’s comfort ability. The oak cover and upholstery are very light in the saloon and cabin which keep inside ventilation good. There is 1 stateroom which includes hot and cold shower and the small room for inside dinner. There are also two cabins with soft sided hanging lockers.

The FIRST 45 is right choice that you will want to be sailing as it has light fuel capacity for the long distance the tank of it can stock 53 gallons of fuel at a time. The engine of FIRST 45 is pushed along by a 54 horsepower Yammar. It is best option for live parties and family parties as it has four burner propane stove and oven, center-line sinks and refrigerator. There is shower which has hot and cold water available 24/7. To make it more social there are bolt down chairs augments saloon table and L shaped settee to port amidships.

AS 70

AS 70 is full 70 feet long Yacht which has all luxurious styles and trends, it has powerful inbound engine and have space of 25 persons at a time. The boat consists of beautiful decorated bedrooms which are as follows, one master bedroom with twin bed and 3 additional bedroom with twin bed on each. There is a large lounge settled with ability of serving dining matters. Kitchen has its own separate space. The front deck is open to take sunbath, can be use as sitting are and also good for entertainment such as floor dance, group engagement and much more.

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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Yachts We offer in Dubai

Majesty 101

Majesty 101 is a Yacht for seriously sophisticated it sets all new trends and provide a styling with luxurious interior. The graceful Majesty has great capability of sea handling the persons whoever had ride it says it is the real Diamond in Boating industry which is blessed with a super style, shape, comfort ability and uniqueness.

Now the rider of this super Yacht can enjoy Barbecue and Bar with fly bridge to the saloon with stunning panoramic windows and huge curved center which has sliding door giving access to the aft deck. The Majesty 101 sets most advance luxurious ride at all. The passenger of Majesty can enjoy sound party in the entertainment center with Karaoke, CD players, AM/FM stereo cassette, TV and DVD. Hot and Cold water shower are available with en-suite bathrooms. The boat has space of 2 Stateroom suites, 2 VIP Suites and 1 Master Suite.

Majesty 88

The Majesty 88 has blessed with a superb and graceful Yacht which has capability of sea handling and setting new style with a luxurious ride for the serious sophisticated persons. There is a rounded seating arrangement in front of Bar and Barbecue center which has full length Panoramic windows and large sliding curve door giving access to aft deck. 

There is a digital room dedicated for the entertainment passenger can enjoy with live Barbecue the available tools in saloon are DVD/ CD players, TV and FM/AM stereo. The accommodation of Majestic 88 is same as Majestic 101 which is 1 super suite, 2 stateroom suites and 1 double suite, all suites has private attached bathroom with hot and cold shower.

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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Sailing Catamaran‭

Sailing catamarans is presents one of the best VOYAGE Yachts it has won multiple awards of producing luxurious, stylish, elegant and as performance cruising vessels. If you are aware of cruise you must know blue water cruising catamarans which is another name of it. The highest international standard is followed during manufacturing of this boat, Voyage 450 DC is designed with meticulous attention. Due to its performance and quality it is acknowledged. And CE certified.
For socializing and unlimited entertainment this charter is designed by the professionals.
The length of Voyage 450 DC is 45 feet or 14 meters the engineers has used glass reinforced plastic very cleverly to manufacture it.

Facilities in Voyage 450 DC:
The boat contains internal and external areas the external area consists of walk through headroom it is known as gallery which contains cooker, fridge and freezer. The internal area provides 2 spacious staterooms with en suite facilities. With all these facilities it provides medium duration luxury charter and quality of cuisine.

There is a cockpit which serves during day usually use for swimming and fishing the soft cushions are also placed for seeking sunbath, also the shade is available over the bolsters if temperature goes high. The Voyage is equipped with all required facilities such as, kitchen, bath, medical, drinking water and much more.

Some specifications:
Designed by Voyage Yacht
Overall length 45 feet
2 engines of 2 x 39 HP
Capacity of persons 34 onboard
Hot and cold water shower
Boat staff 4 persons
Digital sound system

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Introduction To Dubai

Dubai is the most popular city of United Arab emirates it is know as UAE. It is located near Sharjah which is also one of the popular city of UAE. Most of the people went Dubai and Sharjah both are cosmopolitan city due to huge immigration since 2000 from all over the world. The main purpose of visiting and immigration is job settlement and now a days travelers specially who loves outdoor adventure are coming here from all over the world.

Importance of Dubai:
Dubai is the main hub of transportation for middle east that’s why the major industries in Dubai are related to cargo and passenger Emirates is well known name among this type of industries. Before 1960 the oil was not found in Dubai on that time it was under develop country the first exploration of oil reserves were in 1966 after that the development of city begins very rapidly, in start few companies are handling whole mess of oil but afterwords the whole world switched their eye from other part to Dubai as it is also warm sea hub for easy transportation throughout the year. Time to time the nature of industries changed now Dubai offering one of the largest service center in the world.

What Changes Occurred Onwords 2000:
Industrial Change:
The industries of Dubai are growing giant and giant day to day as service sector like transportation and cargo is taking place of oil reform. The space for Hotel industry also take place in economy which gives people comfort and best staying facility for any type of people from any part of the world.

Change in Behavior:
The Arab people in start had rude behavior towards their homeland and culture but after growing the city foreigners are welcomed and have sound life style in Dubai. The people from whole world are working together most of the owners of companies are Arab person but they are working with foreigners without any discrimination.

Tourism and Sports:
As Dubai has not hard political background internationally most of the countries and people preferred Dubai as a sports and outdoor hub for example Pakistan has shifted their Cricket industry to Dubai and Sharjah after a sad incident at Lahore. The sea side of Dubai is wonderful and unique as compare to any other part of the world. The water is crystal clear green and warm so the beaches of Dubai remain alive throughout the year, tourist are specially coming in Dubai on winter season to enjoy warm sea shores of all over the Dubai.

International Attraction:
There are so many international attractions in Dubai like Burj Khalifa, after the world trade center incident it becomes most popular building in the world many film industry has their eyes upon Burj Khalifa like fast and furious 7 movie has major film shooting in Dubai Burj Khalifa.